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Welcome to Fairy Floss Galore

We can arrange full catering for your event. Mobile caterers and suppliers of carnival food including  hot donuts, fairy floss, popcorn  and sweet and sour candy.
Hire a caterer for full walk-up service. We cater for functions, social clubs, conventions, fetes, carnivals and promotions in South Australia. Fully self-contained catering vans, meeting all occupational health and safety requirements and fully insured.

Now this is a must !! Fundraising, party, promotion or just for fun. Popular with mums, dads, grans and the kids - it's a winner. What an attraction. Floss made at your function, imagine the smell, taste and the profits. We supply the machine, operator, and all the ingredients to add the magic of floss on a stick or in a bag. The comments are endless - "I haven't had it for years", "boy this brings back memories", "how does it work ?", and "you don't see these machines much any more". 

We Accept BBX

Make your event one to remember with the  sweetest treat of all - FAIRY FLOSS.



What We Do to Make Your Event Memorable

Wholesale fairy floss

Wholesale fairy floss only $1.50 +GST per bag.

Fantastic for fundraising, special events and promotions. Available in a variety of colours.
(Minimum of 50 bags)

Popcorn Machine

We produce fresh, hot popcorn at your event.
For hire prices please contact us..

Carnavale Time.

Relive the good old days with freshly made fairy floss spun right before your eyes at your event, popcorn, Sweet & Sour Candy.

Fairy Floss Hire

We produce fresh spun fairy floss at your event.
For hire prices please contact us...

Sweet & Sour Candy

Sweet & Sour at your next event.

Snow Cones

Snow Cones at your next event.


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